Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon as a spice has lots of health benefits and the details are available in the following link:

Cinnamon has been found to activate insulin receptors as well as stimulate important enzyme systems involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, it can regulate the levels of blood sugar and increase metabolism and this, combined with its ‘bad cholesterol’-reducing action makes it a wonderful weight loss aid.

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Water – 1 ltr

Cinnamon stick – 2 to 3 medium sticks


1. Soak the Cinnamon sticks in 1 litre of water for 3-4 hours.

2. Boil the water to half a litre and allow it to cool.

3. Drink this water in empty stomach before breakfast.

FYI: Adding a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice to the cinnamon water will enhance the taste and has additional benefits.


Diet Chart

Eating pyramidThis diet chart was given to me by a dietician and it really helped me to shed my excess weight to a good extent. You can try this chart at your own risk 🙂

On waking

1-2 glasses of lukewarm water(with jeera,saunf,honey,lemon)

Breakfast (8.00 – 8.30 AM)

1 cup tea + ½ tsp sugar [skimmed milk]

+ 2-3 Idlis / 2 plain dosas[non-stick pan] + 1 cup sambar

No coconut chutney

[or] Sprouts ¾ + salad

[or] 1 veg sandwich made of 2 slices brown bread [no butter, cheese, jam, potato]

[or] Porridge – Ragi/ white oats

[or] Corn flakes/ wheat flakes + 1 cup skimmed milk

[or] Poha/upma/dalia + veg [ 1:3 proportion]

Brunch (10.30 AM)

1 fruit [ avoid banana, chikoo, custard apple, pineapple,grapes,mango,jackfruit]

No fruit juice

Fruits to eat: Apple, peaches, pears, oranges, sweet lime, papaya, watermelon, guava.

Lunch(1.00 PM)

1 bowl home made veg soup/rasam/2 glasses of buttermilk

+ 1 bowl salad

+ 2 chapattis without oil/ghee or 1 cup rice or 1- 1½ plain tandoori roti

+ 1 cup dhal/sprouts without coconut

+ 2cups veg (1 cup green leafy veg(dry) + 1 cup other veg)

[avoid potato, sweet potato, jam, beetroot]

+ 1 cup skimmed curd.

Snacks(5.00 PM)

1 cup tea + ½ tsp sugar [skimmed milk]

+ puffed rice + salad/ 2 marie biscuits/1 cup salad/ 1 cup popcorn

Dinner(8.00 PM)

Dinner same as lunch [ Avoid Rice]


Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water per day

Sugar/oil – 2 tsp each day

Avoid sweets, fried, aerated drink, canned food, processed food, coconut, ground nut

Brisk walk – 1 hr per day