Dear Cooking Enthusiasts,

This site presents traditional recipes I have been collecting from family, friends,traditional south-indian recipe books,amazing cooking blogs and my own tried and tested dishes.

I take this opportunity to thank my mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and friends for helping me learn from their traditional way of cooking. And finally, my kids for being a fussy eater making me prepare varieties of dishes to satisfy their palate..

My Husband has been very supportive and encouraged me to post my recipes. I thank him for his love and encouragement.

You are welcome to share your recipes and comments or inputs on the recipes in this weblog or mail me @ indulge.creativity@gmail.com

Happy cooking !!!

Please do check my other blog which showcases my passion for creativity in quilling 🙂



4 Comments Add yours

  1. romaspace says:

    hey Ranjini ,

    So nice to see your recipes online. I simply love South Indian cuisine and will definitely try out your recipes.

    Keep me posted!


  2. Great to see your recipes on line. I am looking forward to trying them out. Of course it might be simpler, as I told Roma, to invite me to try them out at your place first 🙂 – just a phone call away. More once I have had a chance to read them all.


  3. saigayathribalaji says:

    hi my sweet sis,
    Its great to see so many receipes.Though most of them are very common but the way you presented impresses me a lot.All the best and do feed more resources in to the site.

  4. Sathya says:

    Sri- OMG..How did I miss this lovely creation of yours all along??? As the name goes the site indulges you..So proud of you dear 🙂 Will try out & let you know… The dishes look so yummy..next time around my visit to your home would be around lunch time 😉

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