Poondu Milagu Jeeraga Rasam

This rasam tastes good and has good aroma. Pepper and cumin aid in digestion and have good healing effect when consumed during cold or fever. Toddlers too would love the taste of this rasam. Do not stir the rasam for toddlers and mix with dal and rice dotted with ghee.This rasam may be served hot as a soup.

Milagu jeera rasam

Garlic pods, pealed – 5
Jeera – 2tsp
Black pepper corns – 2 tsp
Toor dal – 1 tbs
Coriander seeds – 1tsp
Curry leaves – 10 – 12 leaves
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Asafoetida – a pinch
Ghee – 1 tsp
Tamarind, lemon-sized, soaked in ½ cup of water for 10 minutes
Salt to taste


Ingredients Ground mixture
1. Soak the Jeera, black pepper corns, Toor dal, coriander seeds and curry leaves in ¼ cup of water for 20 to 30 min.
2. Grind the soaked mixture along with garlic coarsely.
3. Squeeze out the tamarind juice using 2 cups of water and boil the juice with asafetida and salt. Stir well and boil till the raw smell of the tamarind disappears.
4. Add the ground mixture and remove from heat when the mixture turns frothy.
5. Taste and adjust the salt and add water to increase the quantity.
6. Heat the ghee in a pan and sauté the mustard seeds and add it to the rasam.
7. Garnish with coriander leaves, if required.
1. Do not grind the mixture finely as the rasam will become too hot to eat.
2. You may discard garlic if you do not like the taste of it.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mythreyee says:

    Simple and gorgeous rasam that is very healthy.

  2. Ramki says:

    Hi ,

    Am blogging your Rasam as a model recipe in the 1001 Tamilnadu Curries cookbook at http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the recipe.

  3. subha says:

    nice and simple recipe thanx a lot

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